Sunday 26 March 2017: Publicday

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Visit us in Helmond and experience mobility of the future!

Are you interested to learn more about smart, self-driving cars that can communicate with other vehicles and roadside equipment? Always wanted to visit a traffic and innovation centre or wanted to experience mobility of the future in virtual reality? Come to the Automotive Campus in Helmond on Sunday 26 March and get inspired by various demonstrations on the A270 motorway as well as in and around the Automotive Campus buildings.

You can drive along in smart and green vehicles, try simulators and experiment with technology. Like a Solar Car for the entire family, a super economical electric car, electric formula I racing cars and a futuristic, fully electric motorcycle. Or what to think of a car that runs on formic acid or a ‘Technobile’; an experimenting space where kids can do numerous technical experiments. Kids can also get inspired by attending a special kids lecture by Professor Steinbuch about smart and clean/green cars or by participating in presentations of different TU/e student teams who are present during the day and who can tell you more about their developments in the field of mobility of today and the near future.

The day starts with the e-Parade, a Guiness Book of Records attempt to brake the world’s record of longest procession of 100% electric vehicles (577 vehicles). Moreover, various presentations will be held during the afternoon.

All activities on Sunday 26 March are part of Automotive Week 2017. Do visit us and experience future mobility!

When: Sunday 26 March 2017, from 09.00 - 17.00 hrs.
Where: Automotive Campus 30, 5708 JZ Helmond, The Netherlands.
Entrance: Free of charge.

Programme 26 March

General programme

09.00 - 12.30 uur

By visiting the Automotive Campus on Sunday 26 March, you will have the unique opportunity to watch the e-Parade, an attempt to improve the existing record of the Guinness Book of Records to form the largest line-up of 100% electric driven vehicles (577 vehicles). Do you wish to join with your own electric vehicle, then do apply via Many vehicles are needed and besides an exciting experience, you will support a good cause as all revenues will go to charity.

09.00 - 11.00 uur Arrival of e-Parade participants. Coffee/tea, instructions for drivers and lining-up of vehicles.
11.30 - 12.30 uur Record attempt world’s longest procession of 100% electric vehicles on A270
11.00 - 17.00 uur
Numerous activities at the campus ground

The Automotive Week starts with a spectacular day for the public including various demonstrations on the A270 motorway as well as at the Automotive Campus ground. Drive along in smart and sustainable vehicles, try simulators, experiment with technology and attend various presentations.


Demos inside or at the Automotive Campus ground 

•       OTIB Technology Bus – experimenting with technology
•       2 x DAF 33 Mobility in virtual reality
•       Microsoft: Internet of Things and Microbit coding activities for children
•       Vialis presents its GoTru app: in-car time to green advice
        at traffic light controlled intersections.
•       TASS International will demonstrate its Advanced Emergency Breaking Systems (AEBS)
         with a modern car and a so-called ‘Guided Soft Target’ (GST).
•       Dynniq will demonstrate ‘Green Flow for Trucks’ on the public roads of Helmond.
        Drive along and experience how the vehicle communicates with
        the roadside equipment along the route.
•       Driving Simulators
•       Bicycle Simulation and VR experience
•       Visits to the Traffic and Innovation Centre
•       Student teams Technical University of Eindhoven and Fontys:
        URE, Stella Solar Team Eindhoven, TU/ecomotive, Inmotion, STORM, ATeam and Team Fast 


Presentations in tent Automotive Campus ground

13.30 - 14.00 uur
Lecture for kids from Professor Maarten
  During this lecture for kids from Professor Maarten Steinbuch from the Technical University of Eindhoven kids will learn all about the car of the future which they can see in action at the Automotive Campus ground. Great for children from 8 years and up.
14.15 - 14.45 uur
Presentation STORM
  STORM Eindhoven has developed the world’s first electric touring motorcycles and traveled around the world in 80 days. Why? Because they believe electric transport is the next step on our way to a sustainable future. The team will take you along in their STORM World Tour and will give an inspiring presentation with great images from their trip. Come watch these heroes!
15.00  - 15.30 uur
Presentation TU/ecomotive
  Get to know Lina, the world’s first structural bio-based car.
15.45 - 16.15 uur
Interactive workshop 'Vision of mobility and ownership among youngsters."  
  The Connected Strategic Change Processes has recently done an extensive study among youngsters on mobility (self-driving and connected cars) and on the need to share things. In this interactive session, the results of this study will be shared with the participants. A profile of young people between 12-24 years old will also be given. What drives them, how do they want to be approached and how we can actually reach them? Answers to these questions are essential for the design and roll-out of new mobility services so that they will actually be used by youngsters and the new generation. Join us in the discussion, be inspired and let us take you along in the world of "young people".
  [presentations are only held in Dutch]
16.30 - 17.00 hrs.
Presentation ATeam 
  Live commentary and explanation of the technology used in the autonomous driving demonstration on the A270.


Demos on the A270 motorway

13.30 - 13.45 hrs.
Demo URE
  University Racing Eindhoven stands for technological innovation, teamwork and a passion for engineering. The team was able to build a high-tech revolutionary electric Formula-style racecar. Want to smell burning rubber and see skid marks on the road. Make sure you’re there!
13.50 - 14.05 hrs.
Demo Stella
  Solar Team Eindhoven will show its world’s first solar powered family car, called Stella. She is clean, drives on solar power and she is comfortable. Stella does not only serve as a means of transport but also as a source of energy for your home. Come and find out for yourself!
14.10 - 14.45 hrs.
Demo various in-car systems demonstrations 
  Drive along and experience connected and automated driving
  BMW Group ACC + Lane Keeping
Driessen Autogroep, ACC + Lane Keeping
Van Udenhout (PON), ACC + Lane Keeping
14.50 - 15.05 hrs.
  STORM Eindhoven will show the world’s first electric touring motorcycle on which they travelled around the world in 80 days.
15.15 - 15.30 hrs.
15.35 - 16.05 hrs.
Demo various in-car systems demonstrations 
  Drive along and experience connected and automated driving
  BMW Group ACC + Lane Keeping
Driessen Autogroep, ACC + Lane Keeping
Van Udenhout (PON), ACC + Lane Keeping
16.10 - 16.25 hrs.
Demo InMotion 
  Team InMotion has built a full electric formula 1 racing car. Their ultimate goal is to compete in one of the most prestigious sport events in the world: The 24 hours of Le Mans. More info on
16.30 - 16.45 hrs.
Demo ATeam Eindhoven
  The Automotive Technology team members all of them share the passion for autonomous driving and are specialized in different aspects related to Automotive Technology. As such, the ATeam is a multidisciplinary team whose expertise covers the many fields related to autonomous driving. Be surprised, drive along and find out whether the car really drives automatically?


For whom

Direct neighbours of the Automotive Campus in Helmond, residents (families, school kids) of Helmond, Eindhoven and surrounding municipalities in Brabant, everyone interested in technology, innovation and the latest developments within the automotive industry.

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