Friday 31 March 2017: Students Day

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Education Students Research Day. 


Friday, March 31st, is filled with short high-tech colleges of 30 minutes, dealing with high-tech developments. Colleges are available to students, lecturers, and study coordinators. Students of various (race) teams as well as lecturers or professors, give the latest insights in new evolving technologies. The colleges deal with all aspects regarding smart automotive (mobility)technologies, varying from BMS to HMI to traffic control, aerodynamics, C2C communication, electric propulsion, etc.

Colleges offered and choosing on site

Fifteen mini-colleges in total will be given throughout the day, some in Dutch some in English. Titles and short descriptions of the different colleges will be listed here below. Based on the information given you can make a choice out of the colleges offered and register for it on-site. Most mini-colleges are held several times a day (3-4 times). Topics vary from specific automotive research, to futuristic views and trends & developments in smart automotive technology. You can sign up for the colleges of your choice on-site at the beginning of the day or even later during the day if you are not able to come earlier. By using vouchers you will be able to decide which mini-college to follow at what time. Pre-registration is open for the entire day without choosing a specific college you wish to attend.


Dynamic demonstrations

Besides an ongoing offer of colleges and an Information Market, attendees can experience various live demonstrations outside the Campus facilities. Various student teams will perform demos with their innovative vehicles and new technologies will be shown and further explained.


Plenary Programme

09.00 - 09.30 hrs. Arrival of attendees
09.30 - 10.00 hrs.
Opening plenary by Carlo van de Weijer, Director Strategic Area Smart Mobility TU/e and Global Expert ITS TomTom
10.00 - 16.00 hrs.
Information market and short colleges at Automotive House


Parallel mini colleges

10.10 - 10.40 hrs.
Short colleges of 30 minutes and demonstrations
10.50 - 11.20 hrs.
Short colleges of 30 minutes and demonstrations
11.30 - 12.00 hrs.
Short colleges of 30 minutes and demonstrations
12.00 - 13.00 hrs. Lunch break
 12.30 - 13.00 hrs.
Tour around the Traffic & Innovation Centre new
  Visitors are being offered the unique possibility to visit the Traffic Centre of Rijkswaterstaat and the Innovation Centre.  You will be informed about the complex monitoring system Rijkswaterstaat uses to control the public highways for the entire south of the Netherlands. Attendance is on a first come first service basis and approximately 25 people can be admitted.
  Please register here
13.10 - 13.45 hrs.
Short colleges of 30 minutes and demonstrations
13.55 - 14.25 hrs.
Short colleges of 30 minutes and demonstrations
14.25 - 15.00 hrs. Break


Overview of the mini-colleges offered






Automotive - the future of mobility

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

In dit interactieve mini college ontdekken we samen de drijfveren achter duurzame automobiliteit.  


Human Factors in Automated Driving

Twente University

Three students from HFauto Project will give a short lecture on human factors in automated driving. The lecture consists of three parts: 1) an overall review of transitions of control and cognitive process of driver building situation awareness, 2) factors influencing driver takeover time and individual differences, 3) driver behaviour modelling in traffic flow theory and its implemented into simulation packages. The aim is to build up a general picture of human factors that engineers have applied to automated driving and stimulate interest among students
(klik hier voor de Booklet)


Classic cars go electric

Fontys Automotive University of Applied Science

Er wordt ingezoomd op de aandrijflijn van de auto, wat de elektrische aandrijflijn inhoudt en hoe deze werkt bij de elektrische Burton!
(klik hier voor de Booklet)


Op elektriciteit van Eindhoven naar Berlijn

Fontys Automotive University of Applied Science

Make Electric vehicles great again! EV's; Yes we can!
(klik hier voor de Booklet)


Delft Smart Mobility: An automated demand responsive public transport system between Delft-Zuid Station and the TU Delft Campus, a study for Transdev and Gemeente Delft.

Delft University of Technology

“To what extent, and under what conditions, can an automated demand responsive, door-to- door, system make public transport routes more attractive for travellers; and what are the corresponding net benefits, from the perspective of the operator and society, of implementing this system to improve access and egress between the Delft Zuid station and the TU-Delft Campus?”
(klik hier voor de Booklet)


Adapting parking infrastructure for future technologies present in city centres, a study for Deerns

Delft University of Technology

The effects of autonomous vehicles on parking in city centres is studied. For this case, the study will be made in the city of Rotterdam, which has one of the worst traffics in Europe. By looking at future technologies today, infrastructure interventions can be explored to prepare the city to tackle these issues as new technologies roll out with autonomous vehicles.
(klik hier voor de Booklet)


Waarheen. Daarheen

NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences

Een presentatie over de eerste stappen richting de toekomst voor een betere mobiliteit en wie deze stappen moet zetten, en waarom.
(klik hier voor de Booklet)


Shell Eco Team opnieuw uitgevonden

Summa Vocational Education Eindhoven

Wij zijn een team van 9 gedreven Summa Automotive Engineering studenten die een zo efficiënte en duurzaam mogelijke auto ontwikkelen voor de Shell Eco Marathon (25 t/m 28 mei). De hele aandrijflijn wordt vernieuwd. Doelstelling? Met 1 liter Ehtanol 400 kilometer rijden en zo de titel pakken in de klasse Urban Concept
(klik hier voor de Booklet)


Racecar Aerodynamics

Eindhoven University of Technology - University Racing Eindhoven

Een introductie in de wereld van aerodynamica met betrekking tot raceauto’s. Verschillende voorbeelden uit de geschiedenis zullen aan bod komen met daarnaast een beschrijving van de toepassing binnen onze elektrische racewagens.
(klik hier voor de Booklet)


Hoe bouw je 's werelds eerste bio-composiet auto?

Eindhoven University of Technology - TU/ecomotive

Een auto bestaat uit meerdere subsystemen. Wat is er allemaal nodig om een elektrische structureel bio-composiet stadsauto te bouwen?
(klik hier voor de Booklet)


Vehicle Dynamics

Eindhoven University of Technology – University Racing Eindhoven

Een introductie in de wereld van voertuigdynamica met betrekking tot raceauto’s. Het gebruik van voertuigmodellen om een ophanging te analyseren en te verbeteren.
(klik hier voor de Booklet)


Communicatie tussen rijdende voertuigen optuigen - hoe werkt dat

Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys Automotive ATeam

De Toyota Prius, een testvoertuig van Fontys, TU/e en TNO, communiceert met de BMW 5-serie waarbij de BMW de Prius instructies geeft.
(klik hier voor de Booklet)


Let’s stick cars together

Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys Automotive Team Inmotion

Lijmen van structurele verbindingen komt tegenwoordig steeds meer voor. Doordat we steeds vaker verschillende en vaak lichtere materialen aan elkaar willen verbinden met een grote ontwerpvrijheid, is lijmen een goede aanvulling op al bestaande technieken zoals bijvoorbeeld lassen. Bij dit mini college krijgt u een kleine introductie, in combinatie met praktische kennis over het aanbrengen van lijm.
(klik hier voor de Booklet)


Duurzaam rendement motorvoertuigen

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Het rendement en mobiliteit denken in voertuigen vertalen naar zowel het mechanische als elektrische pad.
(klik hier voor de Booklet)


INTRALOG: Towards Self Docking Trucks in Ports and on Distribution Centers

HAN University of Applied Sciences

Self driving cars and trucks promise to have many benefits. Yet, self driving cars and trucks cannot be implemented on public roads everywhere at this moment. Therefore HAN-AR works on a project called INTRALOG, which focuses on self-docking trucks at ports and at distribution centers. HAN-AR will give an overview on INTRALOG and demonstrate the project on a miniature scale:

- a self docking truck with programmed controls and pathfinding algorithm

- a drone which is used to calculate exact position of the truck, as input for path finding. 


Final schedule mini colleges Friday March 31st during Automotive Week
Opening session starts at 9.30 sharp

10:10 - 10:40


10:50 - 11:20


11:30 - 12:00
13:10 - 13:45


13:55 - 14:25
2 HvA HvA HvA Summa Summa
3 Twente Twente Twente Fontys (Aeris) Fontys (Aeris)
4 NHTV NHTV NHTV (*) Fontys (Elegance) Fontys (Elegance)
5 TU/ecomotive Summa TuD (smart mobility) TuD (smart mobility) TuD (smart mobility)
6 HR HR TuD (Parking) TuD (Parking) TuD (Parking)
7 URE (Aero) URE (Aero) URE (Vehicle) URE (Vehicle) InMotion                 
8 InMotion InMotion ATeam ATeam TU/ecomotive



you can register for the event until Thursday through the website and Friday at the event.

Rob Kluivers


Plenary closing

15.00 - 16.10 hrs.
'Smart Mobility Café’ – 6 pitches about high-tech developments within TU/e.
  Moderator: Carlo van de Weijer
  6 scientists of the Eindhoven University of Technology will do a 5-minute pitch on their high-tech developments, their drive and ambitions.
  • 15.00 - 15.05     Welcome by Carlo van de Weijer
  • 15.05 - 15.15     Gijs Dubbelman - Perception for automated driving
  • 15.15.- 15.25     Jeroen Bleker – STORM 80 Days around the world
  • 15.25 - 15.35     Debargha Day - Pedestrian Interaction with Autonomous Vehicles
  • 15.35  -15.45     Frans Verbruggen  - Powertrain optimization of hybrid trucks
  • 15.45 - 15.55     Luuk Veelenturf – Crowdshipping
  • 15.55 - 16.05     Dominik Grabarczyk and Roland Walles – Autonomous Eindhoven
  • 16.05 -16.10      Closure by Carlo van de Weijer
16.00 - 17.00 hrs. Informal meeting with drinks

For whom

Students, teachers and researchers.






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