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29 March 2017 -  - Involving the (professional) user

Is the technique ready for virtual reality? Is it possible to have a virtual reality covering the car so you can order, in advance, what kind of car you want? Would not it be great if you can order your most favourable car?

29 March 2017 - Tamme van der Wal - AeroVision - Involving the (professional) user

Tamme vd WalFarms today are using all kinds of technologies that are similar to smart mobility tools: satellite navigation, sensing, board computers, swarming and all kind of (cloud based) algorithms to support the decision making by autonomous vehicles or, in a less futuristic concept, by farmers.

29 March 2017 - Robin van Haasteren - Vialis - Involving the (professional) user

Robin vanHaasterenFrom 26 - 29 March 2017 Vialis (in collaboration with Connected) will demonstrate their "GoTru-app" on the Automotive Campus. Visitors can see and experience in real-time what this means for their behaviour and attitude towards    more comfortable driving at traffic light controlled intersections. The GoTru app was developed by Vialis and InfoPlaza.

29 March 2017 - Jasper van Loon (NSO) and Leon Hendriks - AeroVision in corporation with the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) - Involving the (professional) user

JaspervanLoonJasper van Loon Leon HendriksLeon Hendriks  

We all experience the usefulness of satellite data by using our car navigation and smartphone positioning. Global positioning systems are part of our daily location based services. But there is more out there! Almost 250 satellites are monitoring the earth in a daily frequency.


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